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Talent Solutions

Import Pricing 

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Social Media Management 

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Customer-managed relationship (CMR) 

Customer Service Representative 

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How It Works

Step 1

 A TCA solutions provider will schedule a quick call to go over the details and find out more about how we can provide you with the talent you require.

Step 2

Complete our New Customer Assessment form, a quick and comprehensive survey to learn more about your organization, company culture, and employment needs, and to identify the core competencies you are looking for in your employees.

Step 3

The Match Making Begins! TCA will send you the professional profiles of ideal candidates daily. TCA’s behavioral and cognitive evaluations, accompanied by our detailed Job Assessments, allow us to identify talent which will provide the best person-to-organizational fit.

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TCA Core Competencies

The consistent cultivation of talent spanning a vast array of positions, including Accounting, Import, and Export Operations, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Customer service.

The successful training, development, and integration of human resources into your organization. Emphasizing a person-to-organization fit, creating a seamless nearshoring operation.

The Navigation and Compliance of the laws and regulatory bodies associated with human resources in Colombia.

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