Premier Nearshoring Talent Solutions Designed to Meet your Organizational Needs.

Welcome to The Colombian Advantage (TCA), a premier nearshoring talent solutions firm dedicated to promoting the immense talent of the Colombian people to U.S.-based firms looking to scale and optimize their organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

At TCA, we specialize in placing the right people within the right companies ensuring a person-to-organizational fit that will promote the values associated with your company’s culture. Whether you require back office or customer-facing team members, TCA has successfully placed, nurtured, and managed talent for U.S.-based entities since 2017, making it easy to nearshore in Colombia!

About TCA | The Colombian Advantage

The story of TCA starts with Mrs. Jinna Sanchez, a Colombian native who, in 2016, took an internship with a U.S.-based freight forwarder. After completing her internship with the firm, she returned home and opened an office in Bogota to support their U.S. operations.

After years of successfully connecting the right people with the right positions in multiple departments within the firm, TCA decided to expand its offerings to logistics firms worldwide that are seeking the work ethic, desire, and opportunistic mindset the Colombian people exhibit.

TCA Core Competencies

The consistent cultivation of talent spanning a vast array of positions, including but not limited to Accounting, Import, and Export Operations, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Customer service.

The successful training, development, and integration of human resources into your organization. Emphasizing a person-to-organization fit, creating a seamless nearshoring operation.

The Navigation and Compliance of the laws and regulatory bodies associated with human resources in Colombia.

How It Works

Step 1

Complete our New Customer Assessment form, a quick and comprehensive survey to learn more about your organization, company culture, employment needs, and to identify the key competencies you are looking for in your employees.

Step 2

 A TCA solutions provider will schedule a quick call to go over the details and find out more about how we can provide you with the talent you require.

Step 3

The Match Making Begins: TCA will send you the professional profiles of ideal candidates daily. TCA’s behavioral and cognitive evaluations, accompanied by our detailed Job Assessments, allow us to identify talent which will provide the best person-to-organizational fit.

Our Services: 


Talent Solutions

Imports/ Exports Operator 

Data Entry 

Track & Trace 



Talent Solutions

Import Pricing 

Export Pricing 

Inside Sales 



Talent Solutions

Accounts Receivables (AR) 

Accounts Payables (AP) 




Talent Solutions

Social Media Management 

Graphic Design 

Content Marketing 

Email Marketing 


Talent Solutions

IT Help Desk 





Talent Solutions

Customer-managed relationship (CMR) 

Customer Service Representative 

Inventory management Support 


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are matched with the right team member, onboarding timelines are customized to the individual positions and level of expertise that you require.

Per the Colombian government regulations, an employee is entitled to have 15 days off for every year that they work. Your employee will contact you at least one month in advance for the approval.

TCA’s sick leave KPI is less than 0.9%. If an employee needs to take sick-leave TCA will work with you to develop a coverage plan, ensuring any gaps in operations are filled.

TCA’s minimum employment contract is one year. At TCA we strive to match employees with employers for the long term, creating an extension of your company in Colombia that will support the growth of your company for years to come.

Ready to take the next step?

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Jinna Sanchez
CEO & Founder TCA-Colombia
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Eva Garcia
Director of USA Operations
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