Who we are

We are a leading professional solutions firm that promotes the immense talent of Colombians in companies based in the US and Canada to help them scale and optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization.

Whether you require back office or customer-facing team members, TCA can provide qualified bilingual logistics professionals at all levels and for every department of your organization.

TCA | The Colombian Advantage's staff in the office
TCA | The Colombian Advantage's staff in the office

Our Story

Our story begins with Jinna Sánchez, a Colombian who, in 2016, completed her internship with a US-based freight forwarder. After completing her time at the firm, she returned home and opened an office in Bogotá to support US operations.

After years of successfully connecting the right people to the right roles, Jinna partnered with industry professionals with over 20 years of experience to create TCA and expand its offerings to logistics companies across the US and Canada.

What we do

Since 2017, we take pride in placing the right people within the right companies ensuring a person-to-organizational fit that will promote the values associated with your company’s culture. Our thorough employment screening process provides a complete behavioral and cognitive assessment allowing us to put the right person in the right seat, reducing turnover and promoting productivity within the position.

TCA | The Colombian Advantage's staff in the office