CMR Leasing Lead Specialist

Job Title: CMR Leasing Lead Specialist

Job Description: An important company in the Real Estate sector specialized in real estate operations for the United States market, is looking for a professional in business administration, Industrial Engineering, finance, marketing or related careers, with at least one year of experience in CMR administration, consulting operations real estate, property rental, monitoring and advising clients. You must have high analytical skills and advanced English, since your work team and director will be 100% American and will be focused on developing relationships and improving the service experience in property rental operations for clients located in the USA, allowing you to develop strategic skills for your professional development within the organization.


• Manage and communicate with potential clients addressed quickly and professionally through the different communication channels that the organization has.
• Develop commercial strategies that allow developing new customer prospects.
• Develop assertive communications with potential clients to promote visits to properties, following management indicators and planned metrics.
• Manage and manage Sales Funnel software to manage leads effectively.
• Conduct virtual tours of the properties, developing assertive communications that allow an excellent analysis of client needs.
• Study and analyze the essential characteristics of the properties (area, distribution, location, places of interest) that allow us to assertively advise potential tenants.

Required Skills:

• Bilingual
• Professional in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales or related careers.
• Proven work experience in the Real Estate, Marketing, CMR sector
• Excellent aptitude in CMR and Customer service.
• Leadership, assertive communication.
• Ability to build relationships.
• High learning capacity.
• Attention to detail.
• Proficient in: Google Maps, outlook, Excel and word

As a company, our vision is to be able to provide sustainable development for both our work teams and our clients, which is why the selected person will have excellent extralegal benefits that will provide better development in their quality of life and professional field within the company. company.

Years of experience needed for this position: 1

Hours: 8 hours per day during standard business hours across the US.

Available Positions: 1

Freight Forwarder CMR Specialist

Job Title: Freight Forwarder CMR Specialist

Job Description: Recognized freight forwarding company, to and from the United States, requires a professional in careers related to logistics and international trade, with experience of at least 2 years in coordination of transportation activities with international freight agents, communication skills in English at a level conversational 90%.
The Dispatch Coordinator will work with carriers, suppliers, and internal operations teams to ensure a smooth transportation process. They are responsible for scheduling, tracking, and communicating the movement of shipments, resolving any issues that arise during transit, and maintaining accurate records. This position requires excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and effective communication skills.
Duties and responsibilities:
• Coordinate transportation activities: Schedule pickups, deliveries, and transfers of cargo shipments for the Operations Team.
• Communicate with carriers: Communicate with third-party carriers to confirm shipment details, provide instructions, and ensure schedules are met.
• Monitor shipments: Track the movement of shipments in real time, ensuring timely departure, transit and delivery, and proactively addressing any delays or disruptions.
• Problem Resolution: Quickly identify and address any issues that arise during transit, such as transportation delays or rerouting needs, coordinating solutions to minimize impact on delivery schedules.
• Documentation: Maintain accurate records of shipment details, including tracking information, delivery receipts, and any relevant documentation required for pickup and delivery confirmation.
• Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards governing transportation, including security regulations, customs requirements and documentation protocols.
• Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams such as Operations and Warehouse staff and account management teams to ensure seamless coordination of logistics activities.
• Process Improvement: Identify process improvement opportunities within front desk operations, recommending and implementing solutions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
• Reports: Generate reports on key performance indicators such as on-time delivery rates, transportation costs, and customer satisfaction metrics, providing information to inform decision making and drive continuous improvement efforts.

Required Skills:
Selected candidates must demonstrate the following skills:
• High school diploma or equivalent; Additional education or certification in logistics, supply chain management, or related field preferred.
• Previous experience in cargo transportation, logistics coordination or transportation dispatch functions is preferred.
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to interact effectively with carriers, customers, and internal staff and management.
• Proficient in using transportation management software and other relevant computer applications to track shipments, generate reports, and communicate information.
• Problem-solving skills, with the ability to quickly assess situations, identify solutions, and implement effective resolutions.
• Knowledge of transportation regulations, customs procedures and industry best practices preferred.
• Customer service orientation, with a focus on providing high-quality service and building positive relationships with customers and partners.
• Adaptability and flexibility to adapt to changing priorities, schedules and operational needs.
• Strong work ethic and teamwork mentality, with a commitment to collaboration and achievement of collective goals.

Years of experience needed for this position: 2

Hours: 8 hours per day during standard business hours across the US.

Available Positions: 1