Customer Service Representative

Job Title: Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Responsibilities:

- Receive and review customer emails requesting shipment bookings.
- Respond promptly to customer inquiries, requesting the following information: o Determine if pickup service is required or if the shipment will be dropped off at our facility.
- Collect essential details, including reference numbers, commodity description, piece count, weight, and dimensions of the shipment.
- Create a new file in CargoWise for each shipment and send a booking confirmation to the customer.
- Ensure that quote numbers are provided to customers and that they are pulled though to the shipment level.
- Send a copy of dock receipts to the customer once the shipment has been received in CargoWise.
- Assist with weekly load planning and ensuring that bookings with the carriers are placed in a timely manner and load lists are sent to the warehouse in a timely manner.
- Provide a weekly forecast to the respective warehouse team each Friday to give them an idea of what to expect in the coming week.
- Send our pre-alerts to customers once a container has been in-gated and the vessel has departed.
- Review file- and billing accuracy to ensure that invoices are sent out within the company-wide KPIs.
- Send Forwarding Instructions to the carrier to ensure there are no delays when the vessel arrives.

Required Skills:
• Bilingual
• Fluency in spoken and written English.
• Cargowise knowledge
• Office tools, email

Years of experience needed for this position: 1-3

Hours: 8

Available Positions: 1

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