Nearshoring and why your company should be interested


So far, more than 400 U.S. companies have opted for Colombia to help expand their operations and work teams.

This new model of relocation of operations is revolutionizing companies and the way of working worldwide. Oxford Languages defines nearshoring as “the practice of transferring a business operation to a nearby country, especially in preference to a more distant one”, but why has it been impacting the world’s large companies in recent years?

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, companies had to adapt to new work models because they were forced to implement remote working in order to cope with continence. This is where nearshoring was born, which was later strengthened and established against other models with time.

Although if we take nearshoring as a new kind of relocation, there are already several similar models and processes such as Outsourcing and Offshoring, the main difference with nearshoring is that it is based on countries that are closer to the company’s operation, while the others opt for remote places and often, prioritizing cost reduction.

Due to Colombia’s proximity and breadth of flights, along with its similar time zones with North American companies, Colombia has become a valuable nearshoring partner. In addition to Brazil and Chile, the country is known for its diversity of talent, work, tools, and other factors.

According to an article in Portafolio, so far, more than 400 companies have opted for Colombia to expand their operations and work teams. Additionally, they point out that Industries 4.0 and agribusiness are among the most participatory industries.

How can nearshoring help you?

These types of initiatives help simplify work processes and operations, contribute to a greater concentration of added value, more flexibility in production and consequently, hiring costs are usually lower.

In organizations such as TCA Staffing (The Colombian Advantage) we specialize in helping companies in the United States or Canada search for specialized talent in the logistics and distribution sector. We provide the best service in administration, operation, and support of pricing, transport, IT, billing, customer service, and data entry processes, among others.

Our base is a strong and flexible culture aimed at maximizing our collaborators’ intellectual, professional, and personal growth, to generate continuous improvement and high-quality focus on the satisfaction of our customers.

If you are considering moving processes or operations to a place that is valuable, diverse, and has specialized talent, consider Colombia. The Colombian Advantage can help you make the most of your move!

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