Five benefits of having a Colombian worker in your company


Colombia is positioned among the first options for hiring talent from abroad 

In recent years, Colombian professionals have been gaining recognition for their high-quality work, education, and professional ethics. This has made them a top choice for companies looking to hire talent or find solutions outside the country. 

Recently Forbes highlighted Colombia as a “nest” of digital talent because giants of the technology industry such as Amazon or IBM opted for the country’s professionals when expanding and developing their businesses. Even if Colombia competes for first place in Latin America with countries such as Mexico or Chile, there’s no doubt that public and private institutions, governments, mayors, and even “influencers” are fostering initiatives to break the country’s poverty circle through Colombian professional development, which aims to contribute to the region’s economy and social well-being.

There are already thousands of foreign companies that have established themselves in the country, so if you are thinking of looking for a team-building alternative and take into account the Colombian talent with the advantages that come with it.

  • Similar time zones: Colombia is a central country, so its location allows companies in North America to coincide or have similar work schedules that will just fit into your regular work dynamic. In addition, it grants the ease of air connection, since flights are usually around 3 or 4 hours.
  • Latin culture: Latin culture is known for its joy and enthusiasm, and this is reflected in the work ethic of TCA team members. Our customers often comment on how hard-working and dedicated our staff is. Dedicated, Driven, and Eager to Do the Job Well are just a few ways our clients describe their TCA team members.  A true Colombian Advantage.
  • Higher education (bilingual): Did you know that in Colombia 2.7 million people have a professional degree? Of which almost 900,000 have some kind of postgraduate or specialized degree. In addition, 1.2 million people speak English from the low, middle, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Costs: If you’re looking to expand your team, outsourcing could be a great option for your company. It can help reduce maintenance costs, payroll, and other expenses.
  • Benefits for workers: In TCA we promote the well-being and professional and personal development of employees, so we implement various strategies and benefit models to contribute positively in this aspect. Gym membership, specialized English classes, extended medicine, and more, are some examples. Some companies in Colombia offer benefits to their employees, while others do not. Those that do often promote and take care of their employees well.

If you’re thinking about expanding your team, don’t forget to consider foreign professionals. They can contribute not only professionally, but also personally. This can be a growth opportunity for both sides. In this process, it is important to have allies to help you make the process more bearable so that you can stay focused on finding that ideal candidate.

TCA – The Colombian Advantage can help and guide you on this new path. We attract the best professional profiles in Colombia and connect them with high-level companies from the United States and Canada. Start a new challenge with us!

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