TCA among Top Companies for Young Professionals in Colombia


More than 9,000 young people from 80 companies participated in the sixth version of Employers for Youth (EFY) Colombia 2022, which recognizes the Best Companies for Young Professionals in the country.

EFY Colombia 2022 was developed by FirstJob, a company specializing in youth employment, and has been applied in 15 countries in Latin America and Europe to young people under the age of 35. Participants are evaluated based on ten different dimensions in order to determine the best companies for young professionals in the country, including recognition, talent, innovation, infrastructure, quality of life, career development, benefits, work environment, reputation, and diversity and culture. 

How did we become one of the best companies for young professionals in Colombia?

At TCA we are leaders in professional solutions that promote the immense talent of Colombians in companies based in the U.S. and Canada. The key to our success and recognition in the market is the high quality of talent we implement; their disposition, ethic, professionalism, and commitment are some of the values that our clients highlight the most.

Motivating our employees is crucial to maintaining these standards because when an employee is uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their work, it shows in their performance. Therefore, for several months we have implemented strategies with the purpose of contributing to the quality of life of all our employees.

Benefits such as gym memberships, language classes, or extended medical plans are some of the proposals that we already implemented that, without a doubt, led us to be the 24th company among the 80 best companies for young professionals in Colombia. 

The report reveals that in TCA, the recognition dimension (which is based on providing formal feedback to instances and programs) was the most outstanding with 89.3% along with the quality of life (88%) and work environment (87.9%). The last one measures the balance between personal, family, work, emotional and physical health and also the quality and level of relationships between collaborators and horizontal language respectively. 

If you are looking for Colombian talent for your company, these are some good practices and data of interest to you:

We will base what professionals value most in Colombia. The study revealed that the main attributes to attract and retain talent in the country are job stability, learning and development, and benefits. These figures reflect the main concerns of young professionals in the workplace, which are recognized as good practices when looking for a job or choosing a company.

Reputation is a valuable aspect when recommending the workplace, as 92% of young people in Colombia highlighted the positive impact their company’s products or services have on the environment.

Additionally, we must take into account the importance of employees making a cultural fit, so they can develop a sense of belonging in their workplace. According to the study, 92% of young Colombians identify with the culture and values of the company in which they work.

The work environment continues to be a strength in companies. 84% of respondents say their company has maintained a good work environment in situations such as the pandemic, while 84% highlight the effective communication of their leaders and openness to suggestions.

Finally, quality of life at work is a key factor for young Colombians because 9 out of 10 consider their company adapts to different contingencies while maintaining the motivation of employees. 87% feel motivated to develop their functions in the best possible way, which goes hand in hand with the fact that 80% think their workplace prioritizes their well-being, regardless of the modality they carry.

The TCA team believes that when we appreciate our employees, and provide an optimal workplace with opportunities, recognition, and benefits, we can achieve great goals, boost their careers, and grow exponentially.

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